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George was not a public servant so soon after being commissioned left the army; I served on, moving to the inactive list when I too left the public service and spent the last years of my working career working for a succession of banks.

Later we were to serve as instructors on another recruits course, by May 1966 George was a warrant officer, and I was a sergeant. Front row: SGT Mc Donald Stewart, 2LTs Edwards, OBrien, LT Tulloch, WO2 Webster, CAPT Hough, 2LT Stait-Gardiner, CPLs Wilson, Hamilton, Kesteven, Munn.As I moved into retirement, I began to use the web design skills I gained to support the bank computer systems I managed for defence related activities.I manage the Lancers, Reserve Forces Day, National Boer War Memorial and RUSI of NSW sites.I was guiding and not intending to take part in the actual swim, George was there to swim.The tour group arrived on the 26 August and spent the night at the rather prestigious Titanic Hotel in the Taksim district in Istanbul.A National Design competition was launched at the Royal Military College, Duntroon by Lieutenant General David Hurley, AC, DSC, Vice Chief of the Defence Force on 7th April 2010.

The prime mission of all the state committees is to publicise the memorial and raise funds for its construction.

I was asked by our association vice president Colonel Graham Fleeton whom I had served under as intelligence sergeant when he was IO, and with who I was posted from the Regiment on the same night in September 1974, to design a site for the business he was running with Paul Murphy, another former colleague with whom I had sat TAC 5.

Graham and Paul run Military History Tours, I soon became a tour guide as well as the Webmaster. The tour was for those swimming the Dardanelles as part of the annual Turkish victory day celebrations.

The GUARD findings proved conclusions that had been reached earlier by a determined small group of Australians led by Mr Lambis Englezos of Melbourne.

One of those in the group was Association member Lieutenant Colonel John Fielding RFD, Commanding Officer of UNSWR 2000 - 2002.

The graves were not evident to British and Australian authorities until 2008 when the Glasgow University Archaeological Research Department (GUARD) provided the necessary evidence which resulted in re-interment of the soldiers remains in a specially built cemetery at Fromelles.