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They will drop the price many many times until they get a YES outta you... Champion has a semi-scripted sales pitch they call "my four jobs" they use on consumers in the home that "just want the price". So for all you ###s who thinks that you're not paying too much, well you are. It is very likely that you can get a great window for much less.When you finally say yes to the salesman, who's to say if you had held out longer you could get another dicount.. I have worked for all of these guys and you know what? Qualified remodeler and replacement contractor (both staples in the champion sales pitch) rate Window World as the largest replacement window company.

Wow, we have had the same problem here in Indianapolis!That means they are hiring the cheapest labor possible and rolling the dice that they won't hear from you. S0 who is selling it to you has as much to do with what you get as anything. If they are present then find out who offers a window with those features for the best price and check the reputation of that company. Here's the scoop on the $1000 dollar window people...When they do, you're going to get feedback like "what do you expect? " Whats one aggrevated customer out of 100-pretty good odds actually. Most contractors will sell it for around $400 retail. If you buy from champion, renewal by andersen, sears, etc., you will pay too much!I don't care what they promise or even what their warranty states, its a cheap window to begin with.These companies are only interested in selling volume not quality.Ironically, Clear Choice has one of the better windows under $200.

It does have many premium grade features in it (its made by Vista). You can waste your money just as easily on a $1300 window if it is not installed correctly and believe it or not, all the under-$200 guys make almost all their profits on the installation not on the windows.

Now having worked with many different window companies on thing is for sure: just cuz it cost $1000, doesn't mean it's worth $1000.

We purchased a window from Clear Choice in Philadelphia.

Sounds like youve been sadled up and taken for a ride sachmo.

You are the victim of a bait and switch which is what we call it in the world of law.

When we contacted Clear Choice about the isse, we were told that a customer service rep would contact us regarding our issue.