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Unfortunately, the clock is ticking with Valentina discovering Stein is one half of Firestorm and hoping to fuse with the Professor herself.When “Lady Firestorm” is born after they combine together, Jackson saves the day by giving Stein a pep talk which splits the two.

A nice touch in having Rory scarred across his body due to his pyromania.Prior to that, Hunter and Hawkgirl encounter Savage in the Gulag and manage to get the drop on him.A lot of complaints I had heard around town about the team’s previous encounter with Savage was that they didn’t disable him or anything when they got him where they wanted him; not so this time around!his latest installment offers a lot of interesting ideas for you to chew on.The idea of a nuclear arms race for Firestorm is an interesting one, with Rip and Sara being shown a possible vision of the future in which an army of Russian Firestorms wreak havoc across the land.I thought that this episode was ultimately serviceable, with the ending being a real jaw-dropping affair.

I wouldn’t quite put it at the level of our past entries, but still, the show is moving at a nice clip and promises to get even crazier next week. -You think Jackson could have written “I’m coming” a little smaller on Stein/His own arm?

In the comics there was a “Lady Firestorm” named “Firehawk” though I don’t think this is the same character here.

Valentina, Firehawk or no, unfortunately can’t handle the power by herself and literally creates a nuclear explosion.

We start off this week of our time-traveling heroes and villains with Ray Palmer, Heat Wave, and Professor Stein being held captive in the…wait for it…NIGHTMARE GULAG.

(Okay, that’s a great name, I mean as if a Gulag wasn’t a bad enough place on its own, this place is a nightmare version of it.) Professor Stein is currently being held captive by Vandal Savage and Valentina, who are grilling him and torturing him for information on how to build their very own Firestorm.

On the other side of the Nightmare Gulag, Sara and Captain Cold sneak their way in and attempt to rescue their fallen comrades.