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So well-known burglars need not worry about their home being raided by Gardai, as no jammer will be found!The mobile phone jammer has many quite legitimate uses ; they have been used in cinemas to prevent calls disrupting viewers enjoyment of films, and several priests have used them to prevent phones ringing during church services.

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The Gardai are naturally very worried by this development since literally hundreds of thousands of alarm systems are using GSM technology, and all these installations are now vulnerable.Prisons similarly use them to prevent inmates from using smuggled phones to direct their affairs on the outside.Many people have a common misunderstand about the technology of the jammers and think that they actually ‘ jam ‘ or block the frequency of the mobile phone signal. The jammer actually mimics the identity of a typical GSM receiving cell.This has been true for both the Remote Monitoring Centres and for the self-monitoring, where the subscriber gets a text or voice message in the case of an alarm activation.This has worked fine up to recently providing relatively cheap, efficient and reliable communication of alarm information. It has now become apparent over the past year or so that the existing GSM products have a serious flaw. The so-called ‘jammers’, electronic devices currently little bigger than a hand-held walkie-talkie, are readily available over the internet from China.The mobile phone cells are about 5 miles apart, which is how the location of a mobile phone can be so easily tracked.

When one makes a mobile phone call the phone automatically searches for the strongest signal, which will naturally come from the nearest cell or mast location, and it will latch onto this cell and put through the call.

Broadband is a more secure technology since it cannot be jammed, but many broadband routers, apart from wi-fi ones, operate over the telephone line which, once again, can easily be cut.

Consequently for a broadband dialler to be effective the connectivity must be Monitored and notifications of disconnection reported rapidly, either to the customer or to the Monitoring Centre, or both.

Amazingly, some installers are reverting to the voice dialler, which many will remember was pioneered by Kestral during the 1980’s. There are solutions and installers should be thinking carefully about which to use, but doing nothing is not an option because the jamming situation is not only very real but widespread, and people will be victimised – people who put their trust in their security company to protect them.

This is very low level security, but cheap, and if you are on the phone when the call comes, or in a meeting or in bed or in church, etc., with the phone switched off or on silent, or in an area of poor network reception…. So, be honest, be brave and discuss all the options and costs with your customer and help him/her decide on the best solution; that way you are covered if they opt for a technology which is subsequently compromised.

A year to eighteen months ago the Gardai started picking up criminals having these devices in their possession and it was soon realised that they were spreading throughout the country.