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Although PSA testing can help catch prostate cancer at an early stage, having an elevated PSA (generally considered more than 4 ng/ml) doesn’t necessarily mean that a man has cancer.

) At this time the GP conducted a DRE and no nodules were detected, but a larger than normal prostate was mentioned. Second biopsy in October 2016 revealed Gleason 7 BUT my PSA DROPPED to a 1.5. My last PSA test had been done 8 years previously, but right about that time many family practice doctors, mine included, stopped giving this test.PSA scores tend to rise more rapidly in men with cancer than in those with BPH, for example. The PSA protein circulates in the blood in two forms: bound to other proteins or unbound (free).Several studies suggest that men with elevated PSA levels and a very low percentage of free PSA are more likely to have prostate cancer than a benign condition.Conversely, the PSA test doesn’t detect all cancers.About 20% of men who have cancer also have a normal PSA (less than 4 ng/ml), so the test may give some men a false sense of security.Some written material suggest at my age, the problem is best left as is. While they could be signs of an infection, if the infection is left untreated it is not a good idea. Just about any disease or infection that is left untreated can get worse. Men are terrible when it comes to dealing with “male” problems. He gave me a PSA test and it came back 5.5 and the Percentage Free PSA was 16%. I told him I would hold off and maybe consider it down the line. Plea give me answer becaus i am suffering too much. said he was able to remove all cancerous cells and no margins left. The choline in eggs is converted into a toxin called trimethylamine by bacteria that exist in the guts of those who eat meet. My concern for infection was dis-quelled by surgeon stating they would use a stronger anti infection agent. Bill Further conversation with Australian friend where he relates to another Aust.

I have been on hormone therapyabout 18 months I get a check up in november. I think I should give it a miss but I think Biopsy tells if benign or not! having a PSA count of 500 after getting very short survival time decided to start taking Metformin 100mg. Semen goes down into bladder rather than coming up and out.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. I brought him home and for 6 days watched him decline. My PSA result 6 months later was 0.71 and the one year result was 0.55. I am now 77, play table tennis regularly, look after a large garden with a 300 foot hedge half-way around, shovel snow etc. I feel fortunate especially since a close and much younger friend (61) is on heavy chemotherapy for his much more advanced condition. In my opinion any guy NOT having a yearly PSA test is very foolish. Advice from a guy who (just barely) survived prostate cancer Guys, if you care at all about your health and living, and your family, you owe it to yourself to spend a minute reading this.

At the “prostrate cancer support group” we all have learned that PSA results are only a “guideline”. I was diagnosed with prostatitis in early November 2016. For years I have been having a fairly complete physical exam each year.

Knowing your free PSA level won’t give you a definitive answer about cancer, but it may be useful when considering whether a biopsy is an appropriate next step.

Researchers are developing new screening tests for prostate cancer.

Following discharge from hospital my thirst was higher than normal and I would urinate around three times per night, sometimes four times. Their reasoning is that the test sometimes gives a false positive, and having a positive means that you then need to then have a biopsy done by a urologist to determine whether you do or do not have prostate cancer.