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It happened about five years ago, and back then, we called it "rebound sex." It was a euphemism that justified casual sex, because we were recuperating from a past relationship. It seems like everyone I know has enjoyed one or a dozen of these kinds of encounters. It seems as if people are just hooking up these days and dating has become a stock option with very little incentive to buy.I'm no expert on today's youth, even though I still get carded for rated-R movies.

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One might argue that this is a positive shift for women's lib and independence, but not me.All planning applications are required to be submitted on a standard form and can be submitted online through the Planning Portal.Any person carrying out building work needs to ensure that work complies with the regulations."If you hear tales of many friends ‘hooking up' and you assume that it's sex, then you would also assume that everyone else is having a lot more sex than you are.Then, when you're in an intimate situation, you might go farther sexually than you might otherwise feel comfortable doing, because you think that ‘everyone's doing it.'" But everyone's not doing it, according to Whelan and a host of recent research studies.I'm not an alabaster virgin or anything, but hook-up culture, especially in a world where Lady Gaga has made clothes optional and when Britney Spears wearing a bra makes headline news, I can't help but think that women are getting screwed, big time. It was hands down the biggest mistake I've ever made, but necessary.

I'll be the first to admit my own foray into hook-up culture. I have not experienced another hook-up (can't call it a relationship, because that's exactly what it isn't) since.

You can apply to every local authority in England and Wales through the Planning Portal.

When beginning a project you must consider whether the development will need to have planning permission or building regulations approval or your project may need both.

There are some types of work which will be exempt from the building regulations and an application will not be necessary. Do you want to know how much your materials and labour will cost?

Travis Perkins offer an accurate, efficient, cost effective estimating service that provides a detailed breakdown of the material requirements and associated labour costs for your project.

In fact, most undergrads are probably not doing it at all.