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He turned his back as his Jockeys slid down, and finally turned to face me but wouldn't make eye contact. Completely flaccid, it appears to be about 2 inches.Part of me was fascinated in an anthropological kind of way, but my more primitive self was deeply affected. Every guy spends about 10 minutes in my playroom waiting for me, mostly to reinforce who has the power.

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About half of the guys are already semi-erect at this point, they always pretend not to notice. As his clothes fell in to a self consciously neat pile it was obvious he wasn't looking forward to baring his dick. However, it is the smallest dick of any guy I have put through this treatment.If it is humiliating to be naked in front of a fully dressed guy, standing in front of him with your dick hard is borderline painful for most guys.It really reinforces who holds the power in the situation.Skip was in worse shape than most guys at this point.I walked in to the playroom, and it took all my self control to stifle a laugh.While they all know that deal coming in the door, every guy thinks I will change my mind and let them jack off in a post orgasmic moment of weakness.

So Skip and his 4 inches came in the door having agreed to leave frustrated.

Finally I direct them to strip right there at the door, clothes in a pile on the floor.

I always stand and watch, this is the first step in their humiliation.

Eventually my curiosity couldn't be contained, he measures about 4.25 inches.

It is at this point that, from my perspective, the fun really begins.

But otherwise, what I want is good, straight, vanilla sex. The only thing that makes me hot, the only way I am interested in pulling it out for another guy, is when I can force him to completely, totally humiliate himself in hopes of sucking me off. His emails were completely transparent; he is a class A1 big dick hound.