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HHH, MD are there other HSV types that can infect normal skin as opposed to the genitals or mouth?I ask because I wonder if I have some type of HSV that has infected my leg that was not contracted through sexual contact.

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I have never had an symptoms or lesions near or arround my genitals, but nonetheless, is this the case? Do I tell new partners that I have genital herpes or do I say I have herpes of the leg? =( The first and most important thing is that you need laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis.If a culture is positive for HSV, the virus can be typed.It is true that the longer the lesions are present, the less likely the culture will be positive.Save in your wishlist to stay always updated on what are the world's best porn sites. Free Safe Porn is a very useful secure porn resource list.Is what she said regarding the typing of the herpes correct?

I don't understand your doc's comment about virus typing.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get to the doctors sooner, and so I have had this most resent episode for 6 days now and she said that she would take the swab but that it will be unlikely that she will be unable to type it because I didn't get it tested when the blisters initally apeared.

The blisters had not errupted yet before she took the swab (she had to brreak them open to get some fluid).

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