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Ethan ruan and tiffany xu dating

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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Days ago, Taiwanese heartthrob Ethan Ruan was spotted with a ring on his finger.

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Hsu attended the Hwa Kang Arts School in Taipei where she was classmates with Rainie Yang and Alien Huang.She heard the sound of a name, then silence, and out of a broker "really thank you."Finally, Tiffany Xu said do not want to have involved," don't pull this respect others.Tiffany also said that the couple was busy with filming next year and the earliest wedding date should be in 2014." according to Taiwan media reports, Tiffany Xu was photographed at the beginning of October and "tender version of Demos Chiang" ten fingers to date, the man is from the end of Liu Younian, served as Erin supermodel, now photographer, film director, her love "normal friends." 28 for the first time to attend public events, like sweet girls also respect the man gentleman, for 8 years between Ethan Ruan from there to send blessings?“It was a gift to him when we first started dating,” said Tiffany.

Asked about the couple’s marriage plan, Tiffany replied shyly, “He is planning (to get married) the year after”.

In 2012, Hsu appeared in the micro-film Wishing for Happiness.

She also starred as the female lead for the first time in the romance-drama series, Love Me or Leave Me (TV series), as a woman who was afraid of getting married but then regretted her decision when another woman tried to steal her boyfriend.

"Although low-key, not to disclose too much love details, but sweet diarrhea man" is a very, very good person, respect the girl gentleman.

"167 cm Tiffany Hsu Ning stood 192 centimeters sweetheart Liu Younian, showing the most adorable height difference, she heard the media shy praise does not speak, brokers busy answering" did not think so, but it is full of adorable photos.

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