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Estratto di carne liebig online dating

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This process allowed them to qualify potential candidates and provide opportunities to control how the situation played out. This kind of approach to meeting people through online dating portrays the potential speed by which people can engage in sex with people they have met online.

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It is very easy being deceived on Internet, because of inaccurate physical descriptions, misleading photos, lies about gender, or just when people lye when chatting online.This person also argues that he was having more sex using this online dating.This big difference in the number of meetings and sexual results underlines how “people’s outcomes from online dating vary greatly, according to their needs and methods of use” (C&L 2008).Speaking about sex, users like the ease and speed of meeting people online.A participant to the survey actually compare online dating for sex to the supermarket “where one can go and choose what one needs or want to buy”; “if I like someone I ask them if they want to meet; if they say yes, we meet then we fuck. (C&L 2008) THE FILTERING PROCESS Probably the most important concept connected to the use of Internet to meet sexual partners is “filtering” , created by Davis who refers to “the use of Internet addressed in terms of engagement with self-construction, trust and security” (2006) .In this Whitty and Carr suggest that “online dating offers users a potentially more payful space than the offline world, but it can be problematic when individuals venture too far into the world of fantasy in Internet dating” (C&L 2008).

In the article written by Couch and Liamputtong (2008), the researchers “explore the ways a group of people in Australia use online dating, how filtering and identity were important aspects of participants’ experiences of online dating, and how they managed the processes that led to sexual encounters” (C&L 2008).

WHAT ONLINE USERS THINK ABOUT ONLINE DATING According to the survey conducted by Couch and Liamputtong, online users likemany things about online dating:” the ability to search for potential contacts and dates at their leisure, a way to pass time, meet great people and made good friends, as well as rejection t first contact is not as personal” (2008).

On the other hand users report that the worst thing about online dating are the lies and number of people using fake profile and misleading pictures.

DATING SITES: THE USE OF INTERNET TO MEET SEXUAL PARTNERS The Internet has become a common tool used to seek friends and romantic and sexual partners.

At the beginning, dating and meeting sites was particularly used by gay men; some studies of men who use gay chat room carried out by Tikkanen and Ross (2000) showed that “it was a fairly common experience for these men to meet offline sex partners though their use of the chat room” (Couch, Liamputtong 2008).

That is, generally online daters try to balance “accuracy and desirability in self-presentation”.