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Dead man dating script

[ Clears Throat ] Last night, my youngest son, Charlie-- God bless his soul-- was gunned down in cold blood right here in our own hotel. Bill Blake, also shot to death Miss Thel Russel, the fiance of my beloved son. Conway Twill,you're a real good killer, but be sure you keep that goddamn trap shut. I doubt you've seen that many years, and I ain't even gonna tell you what I really think of you.

Het lichaam van Mark de geest is vermoord door een lid van de Chinese maffia, genaamd Tony Wong. Well, of course you wouldn't have any extra tobacco. [ Speaking Dialect ] [ Dialect Continues ] Hey, Wilson, got any extra tobacco? Piper en Mark besluiten om de plaats van de moord te bezichtigen en komen daar de demon Yama tegen, Piper bevriest de demon en vlucht weg met Mark om de dader van de moord te pakken.Wat later zien Piper en Mark op het nieuws een reportage over zijn dood, maar het slachtoffer wordt daarin geïdentificeerd als Tony Wong. If I ever get the money, I'd like to make them out of cloth. And I'd put a drop of perfume-- French perfume-- in each one.

I know we said it was, uh, it was all over and everything, but...

Dickinson, but, uh, rightly l, I never have worked with anyone else either.

[ Singing ] [ Singing Continues ] I want this out over the wires. Notify every marshal, deputy and possum-skinnin' lowlife in the goddamn territory.

Hell, only, a pinto ain't rightly a horse to fret much about, if the truth be told. You three are supposed to be the finest killers of men and Indians...

Not only that, but he stole a very spirited and valuable horse, a beautiful young pinto that belonged to my personal family stable.

Piper wordt ontvoerd door Wong, maar komt om het leven bij een vuurgevecht tussen hem en de politie die reageerde op de anonieme tip van Piper.