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Dating someone with celiac disease

You will have to tailor your approach to your specific needs and how your body reacts.A smooch could be cross contamination if you are highly sensitive. I’ve found that being confident, creative and positive are traits that are attractive to others.

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” Staying gluten-free in restaurants can be challenging even when not adding on the extra potential stress of a date. Dating and socializing can create fear and anxiety, especially for someone dealing with a lifestyle issue such as the need for a gluten-free diet. You can simply say that you require a gluten-free diet for health/medical reasons.Once you arrive, confirm that you’ve requested a GF meal and let the server know where you are sitting.And one last time, when your meal is delivered make sure that it is in fact the GF food you requested.Dining out can still be enjoyable, especially since many restaurants are understanding and providing gluten-free menus. You can tailor the date to what you feel comfortable with to ease any added stress or tension. Today’s Debrief is with Ellen Allard, who responded to one of my tweets seeking summer date stories.This is a nice gesture and also guarantees that you’ll have something you know you can eat.

Tell your host in advance that you have a dietary restriction you must comply with for medical reasons.

(I’ve since been counseled by my friends and daughters to only meet for coffee or a drink on the first date.) There was gluten involved (on his part), and when we walked out of the restaurant, I prayed that he wouldn’t try to kiss me—in part because of the gluten issue, but also because he was a total loser. Then I was introduced to someone through mutual friends.

(I mean, come on, when the bill arrived and I reached for my wallet, he asked if I’d see him again and said that if I would, he’d pay for dinner. So far, he knows I can’t eat gluten, but I’ve avoided kissing like the plague.

No matter what your personal issues are, those you are dating or socializing with will admire you for your ability to take charge of your needs.

Although, there are some stipulations for dating if you are a person with celiac disease or other gluten sensitivity, it is most definitely possible, especially if you are prepared.

And let’s just say that said person, at some point, told you there could be no kissing unless you brushed your teeth, flossed, and then rinsed with mouthwash. But now I am that person, the one who cannot be kissed unless the above-mentioned “kissing prescription” is followed to the letter of the law.