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Dating site cringe channel

A photographer decided to find out more about this childhood memory as something seemed to be off about this show…that’s how he remembered it to be.

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There was in fact one episode that was so creepy that Elliot recalls that he stopped watching the channel after it.The next show on the creepy channel was a show named “The Bear’s Cellar” which featured the mentally unstable man dressed in a bear’s costume.What happened in those episodes is to gory to explain here, so you will have to read it yourself.The couple ran behind him in fear of what was going to happen But before they could reach the children’s room, it was too late.The couple found the children mutilated and close to death. As mysteriously as it appeared, the creature had disappeared into the night never to be seen again.The scissors finally got to the bone and made a terrifying crunching sound.

The sound was strangely similar to the sound of an actual bone breaking into half.

Different people described their experience with the creature differently – from traumatic to frightening to mere childish curiosity, everyone had a different emotion.

The sightings continued and the quest for the creature grew even deeper.

While the couple were still coping up with what they saw,the creature suddenly sprung up on the bed and stared at the husband for a while sitting just an inch away from his face.

He then dashed towards the children’s room in a matter of seconds.

The episode entitled “Playing With Scissors”, showed Booby grabbing another smaller hand in mid-air and eventually stabbing it repeatedly with a pair of scissors.