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Identified as weaponsguy based on circumstantial evidence.Possible real arrest/raid date 2014-09-01, inferred from the Justin Moreira undercover-sale case; exact arrest date best estimate based on Australian press release Farrell spilled everything during the local Bellevue police’s search in early January but was only formally arrested in late January, apparently due either to cooperating or being switched to a federal case.

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According to an article (english translation), Swedish Customs discovered packages heading into the country that contained significant quantities of drugs.For information on the markets themselves (active & past), see DNM survival; for discussion of the ordering process, economics, cryptography, and politics of the black-, see Silk Road.The sections are split up by market, then by country.Bagmænd risikerer op til seks års fængsel On 29 January 2015, German police searched several locations & arrested 5 Germans for gun sales (especially for machine gun sales); a media article focusing on one of them mentions his appearance in a Vice documentary about Internet sales of guns over presumably the DNMs.(It’s unclear if or how the other 4 are involved.) The next day the Agora gun (and auto/semi-auto gun) seller Dosensuppe went on vacation, leading to questions on the Agora forums about whether he, Max Mustermann or PROJEKTIL was the arrested man.I compile a table and discussion of all known arrests and prosecutions related to English-language Tor-Bitcoin darknet markets (DNMs) such as Silk Road 1, primarily 2011-2015, along with discussion of how they came to be arrested.

Online DNM users have been arrested in a number of countries, for many different reasons, and dating back to not long after the opening of Silk Road 1 in January 2011.

Apparently the 42-year-old is a suspect in that matter now.

who had sold on Evolution until banned and then Agora & his own site.

After police discovered which address was used most frequently, a sting operation was set in motion.

When the 42-year-old man showed up to empty the mailbox, he got arrested.

There may’ve been 38 arrests associated with the 38 homes searched, but the media coverage is unclear.