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Dating in broward county

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All students in sampled classes were eligible to participate.Schools, classes, and students that refused to participate were not replaced.

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This report summarizes results for 118 health behaviors plus obesity, overweight, and asthma from the 2015 national YRBS and overall trends in health behaviors during 1991–2015.Among those with weighted data for 2015, three state and one large urban school district surveys were conducted during fall 2014; the national survey, 29 state, and 16 large urban school district surveys were conducted during spring 2015; and five state and two large urban school district surveys were conducted during fall 2015. A three-stage cluster sample design produced a nationally representative sample of students in grades 9–12 who attend public and private schools.The first-stage sampling frame consisted of 1,259 primary sampling units (PSUs), consisting of counties, subareas of large counties, or groups of smaller, adjacent counties.Before survey administration, local parental permission procedures were followed.Students completed the self-administered questionnaire during one class period and recorded their responses directly on a computer-scannable booklet or answer sheet.In the second stage of sampling, 180 schools with any of grades 9–12 were sampled with probability proportional to school enrollment size from within the 54 PSUs.

The third stage of sampling consisted of random sampling in each of grades 9–12, one or two classrooms from either a required subject (e.g., English or social studies) or a required period (e.g., homeroom or second period).

All questions (except for two questions assessing height and weight and the race question) were multiple choice with a maximum of eight mutually exclusive response options and only one possible answer per respondent.

Information about the reliability of the standard questionnaire has been pub lished elsewhere ().

The 2015 national YRBS questionnaire contained 99 questions, including all 89 questions on the standard questionnaire.

This report presents national results (along with state and large urban school district results) for selected questions on the 2015 standard questionnaire plus national only results from eight additional questions measuring usual method of marijuana use, ever use of hallucinogenic drugs, consumption of sports drinks, consumption of water, muscle strengthening exercises, indoor tanning device use, having had a sunburn, and avoidance of foods because eating the food could cause an allergic reaction.

In one state and one large urban school district, all students in sampled schools were eligible to participate.