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Nearly 200 passengers on one of the world's largest cruise ships are being treated for gastro as the liner docks in Hobart.Ovation of the Seas, which carries more than 5800 passengers, has been sailing for two weeks and arrived in Tasmania on Tuesday after a trip to Singapore.

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They attract cavers and photographers from across the globe."Knee-deep or waist deep in water, that's the caving experience in the 19th century.""You had to have a sense of adventure, but the magnificence of the stalactites, the features, the ornamentation of the cave always fascinates, there's also this romance attached with going underground."The Victorian era was dominated by the "aesthetics of the sublime" and the thrill of danger, Dr Haygarth said, but there was also an attraction to fantasy worlds, which some pioneers tapped into.They were also fond of entertaining the cave visitor, inviting them to scrawl signatures on walls and to play stalactites like a xylophone.And for most, the cave experience is a short stroll from a car park to a tourism venture showing off glittering features.For others, it involves dangling from a rope in a 40-metre sheer drop, hundreds of metres underground or being submerged in scuba gear negotiating the inky darkness of cave sumps.Diving the numerous Nullabor caves is done in temperatures up of 20 degrees Celsius; in Tasmania it can be as low as 2C — a much chillier experience, adding to the adventure.

But adventure turned to tragedy near Ida Bay in 1990 when two high school students and a teacher died in flash flooding at Mystery Creek Cave.

Names like Black Super Giant and Midnight Hole give an indication of what is on offer in the caves in southern Tasmania.

Janine Mc Kinnon has been caving in Tasmania since the 1980s."It is the place to be because we've got the best caves in the country by a long chalk," she said.

Tasmanian caves have unearthed globally significant archaeological finds and helped shape the conservation movement.

There have been many clashes along the way between those seeking to protect caves and karst from degradation and destruction by industries such as mining, hydro development and forestry.

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