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Dating disasters 27 worst dates ever

Now that this whole thing has played out, it feels like I was somewhat duped.My delightful blind date came along with an agenda.

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As far as I can recall, my date did not offer his high and mighty opinion on her.He played the part of the slightly arrogant, bookish, nice guy well (I’ll give him credit for that) and made me feel at ease.Conversation flowed, but apparently it wasn’t high brow enough for him.As an INFJ (with ISFJ tendencies) I always think carefully before I speak and being outspoken really isn’t in my nature, but it seems I was just in the wrong company this time…Before you lecture me, I know that I brought this upon on myself. I’ll give you a moment to blot your running nose and wipe away your tears. I now have a craving to hear ridiculous date stories.

It got me to thinking that I really don’t have any hilarious first date stories. I have a LOT of hilarious first day at work stories, and even more that take place in grocery stores, but nothing about dating.

As the realisation slowly dawns upon you that this really isn’t good, your body reacts with that overwhelming feeling of dread.

I read the column religiously and knew that they’d had two success stories before (two marriages out of two-hundred-odd dates last I checked, but who’s counting! The photoshoot took place one hot May evening at the Guardian’s HQ, during which I optimistically told the lovely Nina and photographer Jamie that they’d both be front row at the wedding should it all go well.

The immortal words of Seth Cohen come to mind, “Chivalry’s dead, sugar.” Unfortunately, I now know what it is like to be the Guardian’s second most hated woman (behind the aforementioned Ms Hopkins).

To be sensationalised and persecuted for three words taken out of context and completely at face value.

Like most of the nation, I was a hardcore Hopkins-hater ever since her time on but that documentary changed my view somewhat.