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Knaak and is the second novel in the Diablo trilogy, The Sin War.It continues the story from Birthright and is followed by The Veiled Prophet.

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This is later revealed to be a reanimated Achilios, brought back by Rathma.Uldyssian and Lylia, along with Uldyssian's brother Mendeln, a woman from their village named Serenthia, and a skilled hunter named Achilios, escape under cover of the storm for the nearby forests.Once there, Lylia explains to Uldyssian that his power is a gift and he accepts this, and comes to awaken the same power in Serenthia and Achilios.Trag’oul says that when Demons and Angels discover a potential advantage, such as the Nephalem, they fight over it relentlessly, usually resulting in its total destruction. Two morlu abduct Serenthia while Uldyssian is talking to the citizens of Hashir, but she quickly reappears and reveals their presence to everyone.When Uldyssian is telepathically attacked by Arihan from the temple, Mendeln appears and takes him to Trag’oul.On the journey to Hashir, a malevolent force begins to target Serenthia, but Uldyssian and Mendeln manage to draw its attention away from her by using their power to attack the structure they sense it emanates from.

Mendeln meets with Achilios, and decides to tell Uldyssian that he is back.

Arihan, frustrated with the plans failure leaves the morlu and the peace wardens to their fate, returning to the Primus.

Needing a scapegoat, Astroga murders Arihan and brings his head to Diablo.

Not long after their escape, they are set upon by Peace Warders and a priest from the Temple of the Triune, which stands in opposition to the Cathedral of Light, but Uldyssian easily routs them with the help of Lylia and they continue on to her desired destination.

Meanwhile, the priest of the Triune who led the attack against Uldyssian—Malic—returns to the Primus of the Triune, Lucion, who tortures him for his failure.

While Uldyssian is camping outside Toraja, some of its people come to see him, hoping to learn of the gift.