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Dating a former gang member

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“[I thought] he’d magically want to adopt me.”Instead, Blair’s newfound mentor, real estate investor Robert Hunt, gave him homework.

Blair was so impressed with the products that he and two cofounders scraped together $80,000 to “buy the science” and take the products to market.If you were involved in gangs especially in the Ag Town area then you may be in deep trouble.You see I was the victim of human trafficking in the Metroplex for 11 months.In 2013, he published a But Blair’s guts and street smarts are still being put to the test. However, the subsequent quarters haven’t been as kind.In 2014, Vi Salus’s fourth-quarter net sales slipped 50% from the same quarter the previous year.He says listening to the tapes was transformative for him.

They talked about attitude and shared stories of people who went from poverty to riches through dedication and hard work. As he started achieving them, he was increasingly sold on the power of goal-setting and hard work.

Since then, the trio have built that investment into Vi Salus Sciences, a multi-level marketing firm that sells weight-loss supplements and meal replacement products, with headquarters in Los Angeles and Troy, Michigan.

It was sold to Blyth, parent company of multi-level marketing company Party Lite, in 2012, once again making Blair a multimillionaire.

like Mr Hothead said, it depends if you have a criminal record and the severity of those crimes I'd assume.

The best advice I would offer would be to research the requirements for gaining admission, speak to some current officers for advice and above all else, be 100% honest and truthful regarding your luck Im a former gang member can i still be a cop?

Blair says he had never been exposed to that kind of inspiration. He listened to the tapes repeatedly, often before bed. He began working for Hunt, who married his mother and became his stepfather as a “guy Friday,” running errands and picking up rent checks.