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Consolodating software

Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov and Summers got Russia; the Breyers got China, and a host of fake tech-lords became the front-men for all of the various social networks we see cropping up everywhere—the richest companies in the world - Google, Facebook, Amazon.The criminals got filthy rich off the back of a hard-working, creative American entrepreneur—Michael Mc Kibben. Seventeen years of lies, deceit, legal maneuvering, patent tricks, industrial espionage, betrayal, governmental manipulation, frauds on the courts, and a $10 million dollar legal bill—as well as seven lawsuits brought against Leader Technologies itself as an attempt to bankrupt them.

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It’s a hidden nested loop that has a quadratic worst case.Today, however, we are seeing a shift from mechanical cars that use computing for assistance, to computerised cars that use mechanics for movement.As the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and autonomy find their way into automotive designs, we are expecting more and more out of our cars.Clearly, this approach is highly applicable to those functions that are designed to run on CPUs, but what about those written for microcontrollers?Designers in the automotive industry may become nervous when we talk about running safety-critical software in virtualised environments, and this is understandable.Functions such as object-recognition, machine learning, and even rendering graphics for HMI systems are too calculation-heavy for microcontrollers to handle.

Instead, CPUs and GPUs are becoming more common in designs.

This trend poses several issues: Hardware costs increase with every device added to the vehicle, as does the weight of the vehicle; new CPUs and GPUs are being integrated to run alongside the existing microcontroller-based systems.

Additionally, from a cyber security perspective, the attack surface increases as previously air-gapped networks become exposed to the Internet.

Many of these systems up until a few years ago have safely run on microcontrollers on an unsecured vehicle network, and this has been fine; the networks were ‘air-gapped’ from the rest of the world, and the risk of a malicious attacker causing any kind of danger to a car’s occupants by directly plugging in a new device was as likely as someone cutting the brake lines.

The automotive industry on the whole were happy with this risk.

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