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Stahl has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research."I don't see any reason we can't pull this off," he said.

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It's expected grant winners will be selected sometime by the end of January or beginning of February, said Bob Nau, executive director of regional planning.The Renkert Building and adjacent parking lot sold at auction last week to the Downtown Canton Land Bank.Michael Gill, who heads the land bank, said there are no plans for the lot yet and he is exploring options that have been presented for developing the block.Stahl said Sky Lift would be easier to build in Canton than Cleveland because it's less urban and developed, so there are fewer restrictions related to utilities and airspace.He and Angus have met with the Hall's president and Canton's mayor, both of whom expressed support for the plans.There are other cities and attractions in the world that use aerial cable car systems — the Emirates Air Line in London, the MIO Cable in Colombia, the Roosevelt Island Tramway in New York City, Cedar Point in Sandusky — and other places are exploring the concept.

Walt Disney World has filed paperwork to create a gondola lift system to connect its parks and hotels and a similar proposal has been made in Toledo, according to news reports.

How it would work Sky Lift cars would run on a suspended cable loop along a 3-mile route beginning on Fourth Street NW at Market Square and passing over Monument and Stadium parks to the Village, according to the application.

The system would be between 40 to 80 feet off the ground and use at least two landing structures.

Along with the view, riders looking out the windows also see images of HOFers running through the park or the history of a Gold Jacket overlaid on the scenery.

Sky Lift — a system of suspended gondolas equipped with virtual- or augmented-reality technology — is the latest idea in the works for connecting downtown Canton to the planned Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village.

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