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Camp verde sextuplets

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“[Bryan] seemed different than what I saw on the show. And Jenny is mother of the year.” After welcoming three sons and three daughters on June 11, 2007, Jenny and Bryan opened up their lives for television cameras.

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“We knew marriage was going to be hard no matter what,” Jenny said at the time, adding that the couple had “brutal fights.” “We have ground rules [including] never go to bed angry.But the parents refused and said they would let faith guide them.Courtney said the couple was scared due to her small frame but excited to see their family grow.They then used fertility treatments to conceive their twin boys, Wale and Bridge, now five.After a miscarriage of their fourth child in January, their doctor put them on a low dosage of fertility treatment that was meant to minimize the chances of Courtney carrying multiple fetuses, even though their twins were born this way.'It was devastating because I can get pregnant so easily, I just can't hold on to them,' Courtney told PEOPLE.'Please pray that my appetite will allow me to eat like I've never eaten before,' she wrote.

It seemed impossible to carry six babies full-term so the couple's goal was to make it to at least 30 weeks.

A mother-of-three added six more to the family when she gave birth to sextuplets yesterday.

In just four minutes, Courtney and Eric Waldrop, 35, became parents of nine when they welcomed three boys and three girls to the world to join their three older sons.

The middle-school sweethearts said they always wanted a big family but to their surprise doctors discovered six fetuses in Courtney's womb.

With that shock came the fear of the complications that could arise while pregnant with multiple babies.

'It was upsetting, but we had experienced it before and I knew I had a medical issue that contributed to it.'During an ultrasound in June, the technicians heard six heartbeats in the first-grade teacher's womb.