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Cambodian sex trade child

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Their work helped rescue hundreds of women and children around the world.This time the target is Cambodia, and a Dateline team is headed there undercover.

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And while the thousands of men who flock here each year — many of them Americans — may think that they're involved in nothing more than prostitution, by any definition it is rape.And as an extra attraction, she says they're still virgins.Trapped in tragedy Many sex tourists come to Cambodia for exactly that reason, and they're willing to pay a premium.As shocking as that sounds, we're about to find out in some places that's considered old.Children who should be in elementary school are being exploited by adults.But the action at Martinis pales compared with what else we're about to see in Cambodia.

Early one morning, our producer walks out the front door of the hotel and is greeted by a local motor bike taxi driver, who explains how easy it is to find girls for sale: Twelve-year-olds for sale.

It’s the only way we'll be able to see first-hand how serious the problem really is — so serious that President Bush told the United Nations it has become a top priority for his administration.

Secretary of State Colin Powell is leading the administration's efforts and has a special office dedicated to the problem.

A human rights investigator we'll call Robert is acting as a sex tour guide for a Dateline producer and cameraman posing undercover.

The investigator is a former police detective from New Zealand.

Can you imagine young children, learning their ABCs or whatever the equivalent is in their language, being used as sexual slaves for predators?