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Buddhism dating and marriage

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There are two parts of the rituals –religious and social.For the religious ceremony, the bride and the groom visit the temple early in the morning with their families.

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The girl’s mother is gifted with chicken and rice as a token of appreciation for nurturing her daughter.He is supposed to carry a bottle of wine and an honorary white scarf known as the ‘Khada’.If the girl’s family acquiesces to the match, they accept these gifts and initiate the process of horoscope matching.Once the horoscopes are matched, the wedding preparations progress.Khachang A friend of the groom’s family approaches the chosen girl’s family.It is usually made with Chinese Silk known as Khichen.

With this she also wears a special jacket and a scarf.

There are no strict set of ritualistic guidelines to be followed during a Buddhist weddings from their scriptures as marriage is generally not seen as a path for salvation by Lord Buddha.

They are considered to be a personal choice and not a religious duty, like in Hinduism.

They compare the boys’s and girl’s Kikas which are similar to Hindu horoscopes.

After careful comparison, the families agree upon a date of engagement and the color of the dresses to be worn by the marrying couple on their wedding day.

The Rinpoche recites prayer to the Divine Forces wishing the couple a happy life together.