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Some applications offer one or more of these options.

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Some integrations, such as Orion, also offer a Financial Account level integration.If the data looks accurate, click Next to proceed with the import. The final screen of the Asset Import process will display a list of imported accounts that are not assigned to a client record in Junxure Cloud.If your data is inaccurate, contact Junxure Support at 866.586.9873, opt. (Note: data columns may be empty if the values were not available from your import source.) Note: Until accounts are mapped to clients, accounts will not be visible in Junxure Cloud. Use this list to add these accounts to the appropriate client record.See Junxure Cloud Integrations for more information.This feature displays record-specific reports, data, and external links from another application within the Junxure Cloud Record.You must use the “Import” feature of the Junxure Cloud website to bring in financial data. (Note: if you only have one configuration, it will be selected by default; just click Next.) 4. Click Choose File, browse to your import file and click Open, then click Next.

The instructions in this topic feature Envestnet interface screen captures; your screens may vary slightly depending on your interface. Launch the Junxure Cloud Asset Import by clicking the Import link near the top of the Junxure Cloud website. Note: For web service-based interfaces, you will not need to select a file.

Current record-specific integrations include Orion and Envestnet.

See Access Record-Specific Data for more information.

The Junxure Cloud Asset Import is used to bring data into Junxure Cloud from a variety of portfolio management applications.

Use the Asset Import daily to import Accounts and Positions from your portfolio management software into Junxure Cloud.

Once an Asset Import is initiated, it may take some time to complete the import.