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It is unclear exactly how Singer first made contact with Collins-Rector, but many in Hollywood and beyond clamored to do business with his Digital Entertainment Network."He made a big splash because he had lots of money and was willing to spend it," says a former DEN executive.

better than sex 2000 hollywood movie watch online-52

Still, Collins-Rector continued to connect with boys on bulletin boards, including a 13-year-old from New Jersey who later said he was hired in customer service at Concentric and flown by Collins-Rector to Michigan and California."He was also in the right place at the right time with the right idea.Companies with worse ideas were going to IPO left and right and generating enormous sums of money for investors." It seemed no one, including some who worked with him closely, quite knew where Collins-Rector came from or his real age.All have denied the allegations vehemently, with Singer calling them "outrageous, vicious and completely false." Singer denies he was in Hawaii at the time the alleged assaults occurred, and Ancier says he "never so much as set foot on the estate in Hawaii." The alleged events in Hawaii are key to Egan's cases because of that state's favorable statute of limitations: It seems clear the defendants hope to get the cases dismissed by establishing they were not present when the alleged acts occurred.So far, no witnesses have come forward to corroborate Egan's accusations regarding any of the four.DEN raised money and began to hire executives, compensating them lavishly. Neuman left Disney to become DEN's president, with a salary of $1.5 million.

Gary Gersh and John Silva were brought in to start a record label, each making $600,000 a year. But investors swarmed to DEN, and at its height the company had 300 employees and offices in Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and West Los Angeles.

Egan and other plaintiffs also named several John Does but did not include Singer or the others he now is accusing. By far the most high-profile of the four defendants is Singer, 48, whose enviable career began with the 1995 breakthrough film , set for release May 23, saying in a statement that he does not want to be a distraction.

Singer long has been known to have an affinity for a certain type of man.

"Come on -- that's a time-honored tradition in this town," says a producer long acquainted with Singer.

He adds that the allegations are nearly impossible to believe, saying, "I've only seen a very gentle side of Bryan." STORY: Bryan Singer Breaks Silence on Abuse Claims -- ' Outrageous, Vicious and Completely False' According to Singer's attorney, Martin Singer (no relation), his client consistently has been careful to avoid entanglements with underage partners.

In suits filed against Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce in 2000, Egan and several other young men alleged they were "sexually and physically abused," "forced …