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Bangs cams onlan

Bangs cams onlan-35

I will update again after I have used them a bit more. Hardest part was dropping the Cat6 through the wall (you, of course, don't have to do this, but I like my installations tidy).I'm hoping this will be fixed so I can layer my own security the way I want it and not have my data out of my control. You run your Ethernet cables from the NVR to the cameras.

I actually have a chromebook and can't download the software and I haven't figured out how to view the cameras in web browser yet (although it is possible I believe, it just takes some pretty serious IT skills).One of the pluses are that the cameras are easy to install (if you can run wires) and the microphone is great on the cameras for 1 way audio.Jury is still out but currently I'm liking the cameras more than I dislike them.Honestly, I was expecting a slightly better picture considering the high pixel count on the cameras.You can easily recognize people, faces, etc, but license plates are a bit tough after about 35 feet from the cameras.I then went in and changed the time zone followed by renaming the camera and assigning them the channels I wanted.

Changing the channel allows you to determine which camera shows up in which window.

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Hardest part was dropping the Cat6 through the wall (you, of course, don't have to do this, but I like my installations tidy).

Overall, Installation - 5 stars - way too easy Setup - 5 stars - very easy even if you modestly technical Picture - 5 stars - pretty awesome Night picture - 4.5 stars - mostly my issue with latent light around and minor blockage of IR LEDs - still pretty good Ease of use - 4.5 stars - again, modestly technical people will find it easy to navigate and use Cybersecurity - 3 stars - this one is the hard one if you have inside cameras..gets to see what you've got on the cameras? This review is based upon being about a month in on this system so far. The cameras are POE and power is injected at the NVR; therefore, you only run a single cable per camera.

Normally, I do not discuss delivery, but in this case, I was given a delivery date of about 6 weeks after ordering it and was shocked when it showed up a mere 6 days later. Once you run them all and turn on the switch, you're ready to begin configuring. The problem was that the output resolution was set too low; therefore, my tv couldn't handle the signal.

If I had indoor cameras, I couldn't fathom using the UID system.