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With the help of Madame Curie and her husband Pierre, Becquerel was able to isolate two other radioactive substances: polonium and radium.They named the predicted particle atomos, meaning indivisible.

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Beta Decay Beta decay is caused by electrons and antineutrinos being emitted by the nucleus.A radioactive isotope is a form of an element that is unstable and eventually decays into a different element.-------------------------------------------------- The first hypothesis on isotopes is from Frederick Soddy (1912); the practical confirmation is attributed to J.Carbon14 with 6 protons and 8 neutrons, is unstable and decays by releasing a beta particle from its nucleus to become a stable isotope, Nitrogen14.After much grueling work, the Curies were able to extract enough polonium and another radioactive element, radium, to establish the chemical properties of these elements.For this to happen, a neutron within the nucleus must be changed into a proton.

Taken together, the work of Becquerel, the Curies, Rutherford and others, made modern medical and scientific research more than a dream.

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In March of 1896, quite by accident, he made a remarkable discovery.

Driven by curiosity, these men and women explored the nature and functioning of atoms.

Scientists are able to do this using a special property of all radioactive materials called half-life who discoverd radioactive.

In fact, Carbon is so stable that it is used in a modern process called carbon dating.