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Asp updating database from dropdown box

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When used on the computer, these are generally templates that create new documents.

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The user can't make changes in the rest of the form, just fill it in.When you scan the document, clean it up in your scanning program. You are going to import the form's computer image file into your documents header. Click on the Size tab and make sure your size scale is 100%.That means remove any extra marks or things that shouldnt be on the form. Draw a text box in the header that fills the entire page. Word will likely have inserted at 97% or something close but not at the 100% that you need. Move your pointer to the edge of your text-box and right-click on the text-box border. Change the options under Fill to No Fill and Line to No Line.If you are using the legacy controls you probably will want the lock button.For now, this chapter will deal with the classic or "legacy" form fields and what are called protected forms.Once you have your background, you would use the Forms Toolbar (or Developer Tab in later versions) to insert a borderless table or frames to place your form fields in the blank areas on the background image so the form can be filled in.

You may not even know you have a Developer Tab, but it is there, hidden by default.

Click on the link above to get instructions on how to view it.

The forms controls group in Word 2007, 20, respecively look like this: The controls shown are "content controls" rather than form controls.

General advice is to not mix legacy form fields and content controls in the same document or template. However, if you absolutely must do so, read Greg Maxey's white paper (demo) on the subject showing you how to accomplish what you want.

Search this page on Content Controls for "Comingling CCs and FFs" to download the whitepaper.

Getting a Word-printed form to look exactly like the pre-printed form can be very difficult because the fonts and spacing options are different.