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I had one elder sister and she got married a few years back. We don’t have much money because of the stupid nature of job of my father.I am 26 years of age and my mother Rani is 52 years now.

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Tickets cost R600 per person which includes free access to Rush all weekend. Whether you’re a first time LAN attendee or a veteran NAG LANner, everything you need to know about how the LAN works and what you need to bring can be found in the detailed FAQ on the NAG forums.Effective June 2017, you can no longer access the System for Award Management (SAM) using Internet Explorer (IE) Versions older than IE11.You either need to upgrade to an Internet Explorer version of IE11 or higher, or access SAM with another supported browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc).According to IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Poecilotheria metallica – which can be found exclusively in a 38 square mile (100 square kilometre) area of India - is listed as critically endangered.A description on the IUCN website says: 'The habitat where the species occurs is completely degraded due to lopping for firewood and cutting for timber.'The habitat is under intense pressure from the surrounding villages as well as from insurgents who use forest resources for their existence and operations.'It is assumed that the area of habitat has decreased over the years, but there is definitely a decline in quality of habitat for the spiders who seek cavities and deep crevices in old growth forests.'This species is categorized as [critically endangered] because of its range restricted to less than 100 square km, single location and continuing decline in habitat quality.'While scientists have established that there are at least 40 species of blue spiders, they are still unsure why the creatures have evolved to have this colouration.The spider can be found solely in a 38 square miles (100 square kilometre) area of India, called Andhra Pradesh.

According to IUCN Red List, Poecilotheria metallica is listed as critically endangered, because of its range restriction, single location and decline in habitat quality.

The much-needed infrastructure that powers the NAG LAN is kindly provided by our partners – Aruba, Intel and Mweb. Witness the best PC gaming has to offer with innovative machines, professional-grade accessories, and cutting-edge designs.

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The footage shows an extremely rare species of tarantula called Poecilotheria metallica that is bright blue – although scientists are unsure why it has evolved to look this way.

The Poecilotheria metallica is a species of spider that is bright blue with white stripes.

In 2015, researchers from the University of Akron, Ohio suggested that it was unlikely the colour evolved due to sexual selection - which is the case with other coloured spider species.