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Agbogugu online dating

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The programmes also helped to diversify skill acquisition by the rural women who now manufacture several items of trade in 'factories' located at their backyards.The Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) also provided an added impetus.

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A Mobile free health service is operated in the State to ensure that modern medical care is deliv ered free of charge at the grassroots.There are also in Enugu, a government approved school for delinquent children, a rehabili tation centre run by the combined efforts of the Federal and State Governments, and an Old People's Home, run by the Catholic Church.Employment of the handicapped is automatic after completing any level of education which is usually sponsored by the state, local government or the community.But that impression was proved incorrect when the Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Works, Rep Toby Okechukwu, attracted the water projects and they were successfully concluded.Performing the commissioning ceremoney, Ekweremadu said that lawmakers are at liberty to attract pressing projects to their constituencies.He said that though the core mandate of legislators is to make laws for the nation, it is also the duty of the legislators to see that amenities lacking in their constituencies are made available to them.

Ekweremadu stressed that the job of a lawmaker is not only to make laws but also to lobby and attract projects to his constituency.

The roads to Port Harcourt and Onitsha are twolane doublecarriage ways.

The former Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DFRRI) helped very much in the construction of rural feeder and intracommuni ty roads.

Okechukwu hinted that another water project which he also attracted to Oji River local government community will soon be commissioned and urged the Agbaogugu community to make good use of the facilities.

Members of the community who troopped enmasse for the commissioning ceremony extolled the virtues of Ekweremadu and Okechukwu as visionary leaders who understand the needs of their people.

The Institute of Ecumenical Education and OSISATEC, both locat ed at Enugu, are owned by voluntary agencies.