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I kept getting whiffs of deep, dark, plummy tuberose that seemed as intoxicating as those perfume ads suggested.Now, in the deep dark of winter, this is really a treat.

It’s extreme femininity that triggers sinister side of an innocent school girl to a naughty foxy grown femme fatale.It's not sickeningly sweet, it does have a bit of a bit of something dark and sinful in it.Perhaps it's the bottle that's always influenced my opinion on that though.These are limited edition 15 ml purse sprays available in Poison, Pure Poison, Tendre Poison and Hypnotic Poison; each comes with 2 refills and is packaged in a satin pouch with funnel.The bottles are very elegant while following the style and colors of the originals.For me, this fragrance blooms in below freezing temperatures, like ice crystals on glass.

I first tried it during an early August heatwave (ha ha), spraying with abandon as I was so excited to experience this classic, and it was so overwhelmingly potent in the heat that I got a nauseated headache and put it in a dark corner to visit again when the seasons changed.

Sweet, bold and potent—and I have a current formulation.

Of course I want to try a vintage, I hope I can handle it.

I sprayed it gingerly this Halloween for an 80s themed party I attended (the perfect scent for that occasion, right?

It went perfectly with my big blonde wig and Stevie Nicks outfit...).

it's definitely not for the people who likes fresh and light frags I can see why people hate it, it sort of feels like it'll choke you a bit- but I can also see why people love it.