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Abuja girls dating

They don’t go to clubs, strictly house parties and get togethers.You cant ever ever get to meet them, except you are introduced by an acquinatnce.

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The working Class Girl The most popular type of girl in Abuja.Inter City Adventures unveils for you, the 10 types of girls you are bound to meet in this bustling city.10.The footloose married Girl You see this type every where- they are married yes, but only just, and almost merely in name only.Since 90% of Abuja residents were not born here, so it then becomes imperative to know that we all met here, everybody came from one part of the country or the other and we are all sojourners here.No one knows Abuja more than the next man, and nobody is a son of the soil here. The girls come from all over, and only few were born here.She moves around in tinted cars and lives behind tall, wrought iron gates.

Her circle is tight and close and her father is a rich business mogul, politician or a #Dasukigate beneficiary.

They don’t go there, except there’s some authentic designer outlet located within the vicinity of the mall.

When Selara faces was at Ceddi, that used to be a famed stop of theirs.

She is not the rich girl- even if she works with NNPC or Talaveras, we simply call her working class.

She does a little bit of whoring by the side as well, or else how can she, as a banker maintain her fly lifestyle on a paltry 150k a month?

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