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It is possible that the aircraft may have been restored at about this time.

It was involved in a Category A crash on February 16, 1945 and subsequently on March 2, 1945 reduced to Spares and Produce. C., serving until September 20, 1948 when it was once again put in Reserve Storage. C On September 9, 1946 it was transferred to War Assets Corporation for disposal, sold as war surplus to the Saskatchewan Department of Natural Rescources, Regina, Sask. Registered to Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, Sask. Registered to Northern Airlines Ltd., Big River, Saskatchewan on May 30, 1950. Delivered to the RCAF on February 17, 1941 as aircraft No. Sent to Mac Donald Brothers for overhaul on June 12, 1941. 2 Training Command on July 19, 1941 and put in Reserve Storage until August 8, 1941 when it was reactivated. 8 Repair Depot, Winnipeg for overhaul, returning on March 30. On February 3, 1947, temporary authority to operate was granted to Paul Sigurdson, Winnipeg, Manitoba and on July 23, 1947 it was registered as CF-FFP to Waite Fisheries, Big River, Saskatchewan. Johns Newfoundland and on April 29, 1953 to Eastern Provincial Airways, St. It was damaged on March 13, 1955 when a landing was made with a ski hanging in a vertical position. Crashed into trees during flight in poor weather near La Tuque on May 30, 1983. Repaired by Noorduyn Aviation and on April 4, 1944 assigned to No. May have seem service at Jarlesberg and Gardermoen AFBs. 3 Training Command where it was put into Reserve Storage. While at Rockcliff it was involved in a Category C accident on January 1, 1942 when a high wind pulled four aircraft loose and blew them into each other. Overhauled by Western Airmotive, Edmonton, Alberta. Aircraft may have been purchased, but no details given.

On February 6, 1942 it was transferred On Loan to RAF Ferry Command, Dorval Airport, Dorval, Quebec and returned to No. Again involved in a Category C accident at Rockcliff on August 21, 1943. 1 Training Command on October 28, 1943 and then on November 9, 1943 to No.

It was reported that the wreckage was To be sold to Mr. Registered to M & C Aviation Ltd., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan as CF-DFV on January 4, 1947. On December 8, 1952 it was sent for overhaul and on April 23, 1953 sold to the Royal Norwegian Air Force via Mutual Aid. Destroyed by fire at Cowan Lake (Big River), Saskatchewan on June 27, 1950. Went to Mid West Aircraft, Winnipeg on December 3, 1943 for overhaul then transferred to Western Air Command (North) on July 6, 1944. On December 28, 1947 while enroute from Buffalo Narrows to Big River, Sask. As of November 4, 1947 total time was 2,394 hours Delivered to the RCAF on February 21, 1941 as aircraft No.

On October 7, 1947 it was registered to saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, Sask. Was written off on March 14, 1945 after a Category A crash, and reduced to Spares and Produce. On October 15, 1943 it was sent to Midwest Aircraft, Winnipeg, Manitoba for repairs. 2 Training Command on March 17, 1944 and placed in Reserve Storage. 2 Training Command until transferred on December 1, 1944 to No 2 A. It was again put in Reserve Storage on April 12, 1945. Shipped to Norway on June 3, 1953 and on arrival at Horten was coded R-AL. a snow storm was encountered and a landing attempted on a road.

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On November 15, 1941 it was involved in a Category B accident at Hower Argyle, (New Brunswick? 4 Repair Depot, Scoudouc, New Brunswick for repairs.