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Pax 3 is known for its dual dry herb and extract support, draw-activation and haptic feedback — and recently, Pax 3 saw a price drop.

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Normally, a half load in a regular chamber would result in some uneven heating, but the half oven chamber takes care of that problem.You don’t need to draw for a long time either, I got great flavor profiles and nice cloud production using short draws.Now here’s how the Pax 3 performs with each substance: With dry herb, every drag from the Pax 3 vape is smooth and satisfying with excellent flavor.I take it pretty much everywhere without even thinking about it, it’s still my favorite accessory!With its minimalist, ergonomic design and simple, intuitive user interface, they could have called this device the i Pax.Pax 3 is the smartest portable vaporizer ever and our full Pax 3 Review gives in-depth analysis of all of its features, plus details on all 2017 updates.

($249 directly from Pax Vapor) update because Pax Vapor has been busy since our last one.

If you were worried that your Pax 3 is cooler than you are, the Artist Series pretty much confirms it.

The Pax 3 Artist Series is available for $269.99 directly from PAX Vapor.

More customization = more 🙂 Here are the dynamic modes you can choose from: If having a portable vaporizer for weed is important to you then you will definitely appreciate the Pax 3.

Its dimensions are 3.87” by 1.21” by 0.85”, which means that it slips into my pocket easier than my car keys.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Pax 3 app makes it BFFs with your smartphone.