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10 questions to ask before dating

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Once you are attracted to your suitor, there are 10 questions that you need to ask if you want to qualify the right guy to be your partner and to not waste your time. But before you can ask the questions, you need to be clear as to what you desire in a man.

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Also, if they don’t take care of themselves, they probably don’t love themselves on a deeper level and if they don’t love themselves, they can’t love you. Being thoughtful is proof that they are thinking about you because you can’t be thoughtful without actually thinking about the person, right? Notes, cards, texts, love letters, a birthday gift that you actually like because they listened and remembered, all of that is a way of connecting. So if they are not thoughtful, they’re not connecting. If you’re super thoughtful and your partner doesn’t give you anything back, you’re playing frisbee by yourself. It's like driving a car without knowing the destination — you may get there but only after you wasted your time.Here are the 10 questions to ask a guy when you first meet, especially when you're dating in your 40's:1. They act as rudders that direct us in the life direction we want to go. There’s only ONE question you really need to ask yourself. But how you feel about yourself when you’re around someone is a very important question. Because sometimes we think they are because they say it but when we ask ourselves how, we come short with examples. It’s a real thing and an interesting question many don’t consider. And some people have high skin hunger, need to be touched and cuddled. So if you’re someone who not only wants but to be touched, home isn’t going to be with someone who doesn’t like to touch or be touched. If you stop petting your dog, she will probably fall into a deep depression.

But since our brains are just on a continuous replay loop, we are always asking the same fucking questions. Listen, you’re still going to get your ten questions. It seems like everyone these days just clicks on listicles then runs through the numbered list without reading the explanation. So today, I’m helping you break that pattern, you gotta earn that shit by actually reading the entire article. Safe spaces are where people grow and relationships thrive. In the relationship, they will be bringing you down, not lifting you up.

So make sure you ask yourself if they’re good for you in the lonthey’re A general good for you. Which brings me to -Okay here it is, the one question you really need to ask. And I’m sure you have many more great questions you ask yourself.

Because you can also fool yourself into liking someone because they are giving you protein right now, something you haven’t had in so long or maybe ever, but that doesn’ necessary mean you like the person. And if that list is also empty or super short, you don’t have enough to build something. Then we invest and realize they can’t build anything.

And all the shit that happens in this world, including your changes, won’t matter because you have built the most powerful weapon we posses as humans,healthy love.

When you build something solid and healthy, the relationship will be its own living breathing thing, new legs in your life, and force both of you to learn and grown and be better versions of yourselves.

"What are your short-term and long-term goals in life?